Welcome to the Neural Engineering Lab

Goal: To understand how the nervous system processes information and translate that knowledge into medical devices for the restoration of lost sensory and motor function and the treatment of neural pathology.

The overarching goal of the lab is to utilize current neuroscientific understanding and neural engineering principles to translate clinical needs into devices which improve quality of care and patient outcomes. Electrophysiological recordings and electrical micro-stimulation are used to gain an understanding of how the nervous system processes information related to various sensory, motor, and cognitive functions. The results of these experiments are then used to guide implementation of novel devices for the treatment of various neural pathologies. Neural prostheses for treating the profoundly blind or paralyzed are being developed. Additionally, we are undertaking electrophysiological research in human patients using penetrating and non-penetrating electrode arrays aimed at improving our understanding of epilepsy and improving the diagnostic tools available to clinicians.